Game Freedom: Cataclysm Testing 8:00 PM 10/17/2021 by Game Freedom Developers

After Game Freedom was created, our development team has grown. Our recent and long meetings fruited with a lot of changes to the emulation of our realms. 

We have discussed the partnership, cooperation and development coordination, that’s why we would like to announce the key information: 

  1. Migration from our current emulator that was purchased from Atlantiss and developed by our developers to a new, modern one, which is technically superior to the previous one, created in cooperation with the new developers. 
  1. Testing phases make a return from the beginning: 
    Phase I: 1-60 Content  
    Phase II: 60-80 Content 
    Phase III: 80-85 Content 
    Phase IV: End-game Content 

All these changes are dictated by our desire to keep the high-quality standard of Cataclysm expansion. We have also decided to rebuild most of the game systems in order to create a strong base for the further development of our emulator, first on Cataclysm, then on Mists of Pandaria. 

All the previous testing was not in vain: everything that we have fixed thanks to you, will be moved over to the new emulator, with the high coding standards. 

We are pretty sure that these changes might be mind-blowing at first, but the effect of those, and the result it’ll bring, should be visible after the first weeks. 

Does that mean Maelstrom or Deus will be delayed? 

No. *Considering all our plans, there will be no need of moving the release date further than Q1 2022. We would also like to ask you, if you are interested in helping us developing Cataclysm, to participate in the beta testing and to walk through the test phases once more. The quicker it is done, the faster we will have an exact release date. 

Is this Maelstrom only PTR? 

No, this is a basic Cataclysm PTR stripped of any custom mechanics or features. All the fixing will go to our Game Freedom Cataclysm Core that’s used by our partner servers. The custom mechanics will be included in a realm-specific PTR, such as Deus PTR and Maelstrom PTR in the future. 

Current testing schedule: 

Phase I, 1 – 60, (Oct. 17 – Nov 31, over 1 month) 

Phase II, 60 – 80, (December 1st – January 1st, 4 weeks) 

Phase III, 80 – 85, (January 2nd – January 22nd, 3 weeks) 

Phase IV, Endgame Content 85, (January 23rd – February 15thover 1 month) 

*If some unexpected problems emerge, or we will not be satisfied with the quality of the Cataclysm expansion, we could push the release date little further, however with coordinating testing and bigger development team, we will spend all time we have to work on the expansion. 


Thank you for all the support you’re giving us, thank you for being so understanding; we are sure that by having you, we will be able to create the best Cataclysm core among all other servers, and with Game Freedom having our back with more development power, the quality of our expansion should be higher than we expect. 

To assist us in testing, please join – there you can also find more information.  

Please take note that the development team of Game Freedom is available through Game Freedom Discord account, and this account will be used to update you with the upcoming development changes.